Production and Products

The peregrines we use in our breeding program, are all falcons that we have flown and used for hawking; therefore we know their qualities.

peales, female

    Also some breeding birds comes from other breeders and falconers, careful selected to fit into our birds.

As we only breed peregrines, we use all our time and knowledge on this species.

All young falcons are bred from natural breeding pairs, and the parents in each pair are unrelated. We also have some imprinted semen donors, and we will in the future increase the breeding stock with a few imprinted females.

In our breeding program we use the following sub-species:


Hunting weights of the offspring:

Males : 600 - 700 grams
Females : 900 - 1000 grams

We produce the following kind of offspring:

     natural breeding pair, peales X scottish and scottish
- Parent-reared falcons - hacked in big flying-pens.
- Imprinted falcons - can be tame-hacked by special order.