The peregrine falcon has since birth of falconry, been the most universal, stylish and reliable hunting partner used by man.

This falcon has throughout the history of falconry, captivated the eyes and hearts of falconers, with its beauty, stylish performance, gentle character and hunting quality.

Ever since I was a boy, this bird has in my mind been,- the FALCON.

I have been a falconer now for more than 30 years, and practised gamehawking with my peregrines during the last 10 years.

our team of homebred hunting falcons

    In 1990 me and my family started to collect speciel selected peregrines for hawking and breeding, and these unique falcons makes up the JESSEN-FALCONS breeding stock.

And we are proud of the offspring; many of these are now breeding at some of the best breeding-projects in Europe. Also practising falconers are very satisfied with the flying performance and hunting qualities these falcons show.

The goal in our breeding is to develop the quality and character of the falcons; to meet the falconers high ideals and expectations they have for their new hawking-partner.